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Free Download - Can your pergola rafter tails project benefit from this beautiful classical shape?

"You are my hero! You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find something like this online."

The architect, Christopher Alexander said:

 "All people have the instinct to decorate their surroundings. But decorations and ornaments will only work when they are properly made".

You may have spent hours designing and building your own pergola. Don't spoil it with too plain a finish to the rafter tails - the one place that can make all the difference. "The icing on the cake!"

This classical shape has stood the test of time and I can provide the template for you.

One of the oldest of pergola rafter designs that goes back through the centuries.

Select your rafter width from the list below.

Your template will arrive in two parts. Please print them...

... cut them out and place side by side to get the complete classical shape.

Paste the finished shape onto a slightly larger size piece of plywood or cardboard.

Carefully cut around the shape - with a jig saw if you are using plywood or stanley knife if you are using thin cardboard - to get your template.

Pergola Rafter Tail Template

Now transfer this shape onto each of your rafters. The piece extending down on the left of the template above makes a 90 degree corner which locates the beam position on the rafter. It has no other purpose.

Mark this point on each of your rafters with a pencil at this internal corner. This will keep all of your rafter tails in a neat line whether you mount the pergola rafters on top of the cross beam or notch for a stronger finish.

When you've finished transferring the rafter tail onto all your rafters, carefully cut along the shape using a jig saw. Don't forget to sandpaper the cut edges. First use a course sandpaper followed by a finer sandpaper for the best effect.

No email - no waiting.

Just select your rafter width for an instant download!


5" Width Template... the  template you want for a 5" wide rafter.

5" Width Template.

5.5" Width Template.

6" Width Template.

7" Width Template.

[For width above 7" please see construction method]

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Classical Pergola Rafter Tails Template.

For you if you wish to get started now!!

Customer's Comments

I received the templates and am very pleased. Having a template for the end piece is the icing on the cake.... With Much Thanks,


I received the template. Thank you very much. This will make a basic pergola have some class!


Thank you very much for your excellent drawing!


Planning ahead for pergolas in future gardens of our soon to be built custom house designed by my architect husband; thanks.


So excited to get this thanks!!


Thanks for your help!! Much appreciated for sharing.


I got it! Thank you SO much. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.


You are my hero! You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find something like this online.


I found some cool ideas which inspired of my first outdoor structures.

Denny Badeaux New Orleans Louisiana USA.

I got it! Thank you SO much. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

S.M. N.C. USA.

This pergola tails template is based on the Cyma Recta Moulding.

It is a popular classical design that has been used over many centuries.

Use wide rafters in a large garden. Use a smaller width in a small garden - maybe to complement an existing feature.

Most of all use a width to suit your taste. There are no hard and fast rules about this - just a bit of thought beforehand.

Your Customized Pergola Rafter Templates are still available. Send your requests now.

Select your rafter width and I'll send you your customized template.

Get your Customized Pergola template today.